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Snow White in Rhyme


William McKechnie

Little Snow White's daddy died
The pretty girl she cried and cried
The wicked Queen an ugly old tart
Sent huntsman out to take her heart

Huntsman took Snow for a ride
But was feeling ever so guilty inside
Snow looked up and made her plea
Huntsman said, "Go now! Be free"

He took his knife; he lit a cig
Then cut the heart out of a pig
Snow White ran she felt good
Till she tripped over piece of wood

Fell to the ground with almighty grunt
Then saw cottage out in front
Went for a nosey inside to see
Found 7 beds upstairs did she

She lay on one fell fast asleep
Woke up saw kids having peep
With deep voice one then said
"Why are you lying on my bed?"

Miss White shared her story so
They let her stay but told her "No
Don't open door do not be seen
Stay safe inside from that wicked queen"

Six months past and all was fine
So Dwarfs returned to Diamond mine
Yes o
ff to work those dwarfs did go
Singing merrily "Hi ho hi ho"

Queen said, "Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?"
Mirror spoke "That would be Snow"
Wicked Queen yelled out "Oh no!

Huntsman lied I want him dead
Bring his heart and severed head"
She dropped both into a boiling pot
Added poison and watched them rot

She took an apple and rusty old pin
Dipped into poison then pushed it in
Apple was ready it was looking good
So she got on horse and rode into wood

Dressed as old lady in hot pursuit
To find Snow White to offer the fruit
Snow was mopping the kitchen floor
When she heard knock knock on the door

The wicked Queen in her disguise
Pulled the wool over Snow White's eyes
Accepting the apple she took a bite
Then fell to floor oh poor Snow White

Dwarfs returned from diamond mine
Found door open was sure sign
Bashful shouted out "Oh no!
The wicked Queen has killed Snow?"

They couldn't face to bury the lass
So they put her in a coffin made of glass
In the meadow birds were singing
All around church bells were ringing

Handsome Prince heard of plight
Came to see this young Snow White
Removing lid he leaned in for a kiss
She opened her eyes for him true bliss

Sneezy shouted "Snow is awake"
The wicked Queen was burned at the stake
Handsome Prince proposed to Snow
But surprisingly Miss White said "No

I can't marry you because of my sins,
Dopey's the dad and we're expecting twins" 
Now that's not the end you know this of course
Things didn't work out and they got a divorce.

(In Memory of my beautiful Grandson Alfyn Greatrex)


William McKechnie

This is the story about Alfyn
An Elf who could not read or write
A tiny young creature the size of your thumb
Who could only be seen at night

He had a blue wand it was magical
Curly with one single prong
But because Alfyn could not read or write
It's magic power went wrong

He pointed his wand at a toadstool
"Turn into a fountain" He said
But the toadstool withered and died
And the grass where he stood turned red

Wherever he pointed his magic wand
No matter how hard Alfyn tried
Because he did not know the magical words
Each object just withered and died

Poor Alfyn got fed up with magic
He said "It made him look a fool"
He put down his wand and picked up a pen
And then headed off to the school

The children of course could not see him
That was because they wern't able
The daylight made Alfyn invisible
So he sat there unseen at the table

Every day he went to the school
Learning as much as he could
When he was able to read and write
He was happy that he had done good

His Mother said "Alfyn you're smiling
For months you have always showed sorrow"
Alfyn feeling so proud of himself said
"Mother you'll find out tomorrow"

Next day he got out his magical wand
"Kalabunkum, Kaberra, Karoo"
A beautiful bunch of flowers appeared
"Mother my flowers for you"

He then waved his wand at the garden
"Kallaliptro, Kadackro, Kapreen"
The toadstool turned into a fountain
And the grass he made red turned green

Alfyn's Mother had tears in her eyes
She was far too emotional to speak
She picked up her little boy Alfyn
And gave him a kiss on his cheek

Alfyn then said to his Mother
"The others Elves tended to Mock
But now I have learned my first lesson
Don't Run Befor You Can Walk"