First Aid

All poems ar on this page are about saving lives and is for Qualified First Aiders

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Fainting, Infantile convulsion
Stroke, Heart attack or Shock,
Head injury, Asphyxia, Poisoning
Epilepsy, Diabetes knock knock.

Who's there? A simple rhyme
To explain unconsciousness,
These are the ten most causes
Will you learn from this? Oh yes!


For an adult who is choking
Don't panic and don't shout,
Stay calm! Give reassurance
Encourage coughing out.

If that is not effective
Still congestion in the neck,
Five blows between the shoulder blades
Between each blow, please check.

Next! Heimlich Manoeuvre
Was his technique to fame,
But did not like back blows
Associated with his name.

Now called abdominal thrust
What this is all about,
By forcing up the diaphragm
Might force the blockage out.

So, stand behind the casualty
Place hands round waste to front,
Grasp fist! Pull in and upwards
Just enough to hear them grunt.

Check to see if clear
If not! Use thrusts please do,
Up to a maximum of three times
Then go between the two.

Back blows, Heimlich Maneuovre
Keep checking if they're fine,
If after three attempts have failed
You must call nine nine nine.

Carry on regardless
You know you have to try,
While waiting for the ambulance
That person may well die.

If they go unconscious
This I have to mention,
Prepare yourself for CPR
Breaths and chest compression.


In the event of a burn or scald
Act quickly in order to win,
Treat area if cool running water
Minimising any damage to skin.

Minutes spent cooling this area
Now twenty it use to be ten,
Or until the pain has reduced
Less scarring to tissue, now then.

Call nine nine nine for an ambulance
If needed before you begin,
Carefully remove clothing or jewellery
But not if attached to the skin.

If the burn is on a hand or foot
You can use a clean plastic bag,
Or cover with strips of cling film
Just be careful avoiding the snag.

The snag! Don't wrap all around
It could easily swell up you see,
Thus restricting blood supply
We don't want a tourniquet.

If no plastic bag is available
Try using a sterile dressing,
Or even non-fluffy material
You giving first aid is a blessing.

No creams, lotions, or sprays
I stress these you must ban,
To assist in reducing the swelling
Please raise limb up if you can.


Finding someone shaking
Down there on the ground,
Keeping calm is crucial
Take good look around.

Are there any dangers?
If not, leave them be,
Move objects if you can
Helping them you see.

Note time seizure started
Give yourself a plan,
Cushion head with something soft
Protect them if you can.

Never hold them down
In mouth put nothing in,
Check the time again; write down
Do this and you'll win.

After seizure stops
Put into Recovery Position,
Check breathing is returning
To normal and in addition.

Gently check inside their mouth
To make sure airway's clear,
From food or perhaps dentures
Remember plan! Adhere.

Finally, now please listen
If breathing sounds difficult! Fine,
They need emergency services
So just call nine nine nine.


If not trained in CPR
Or unsure what to do,
Follow these easy guidelines
And they will help you too.

Give someone a better chance
To live another day,
Doing nothing when it's needed
They could easily pass away.

If worried about your health
Giving mouth to mouth just bar,
Do chest compressions only
Hands-on CPR.

To carry out compressions
Place the heel of just one hand,
On breastbone at the centre
I hope you understand.

Place your other hand on top
Of first hand, now interlock,
Your fingers with the first hand
Good now it's time to rock.

Using upper body weight
Press down on chest arms straight,
Between 5-6cm no more
Maintaining a nice steady rate.

Aim for 120 per minute
If there's two of you then swop,
Keep going until a Paramedic
Or a Doctor tells you to stop.

Telephone systems now exist
In case you're on your own,
Instructions, advice on CPR
Accessible over the phone.

So, there you have it CPR
I hope that given time,
If you should have to use it
You'll think back to this rhyme.


When someone falls into water
Knowing what to do is key,
If they don't know how to swim
This is what happens you see.

The water hits the trachea
This spasms and closes tight,
Water then enters the stomach
Continues till they lose fight.

Up until then suffocation
Unable to breathe it is true,
Only when rendered unconscious
Do lungs take in water so you.

Have to act swiftly and safely
Try to throw them a line,
But never go into the water
Instead, please call 999.

When splashing stops get ready
They're out for the count so now,
With help, you can get them out
Start life support here's how.

Assuming they're no longer breathing
And their pulse you find is missing,
Immediately now start CPR
With or without any kissing.

Start with 30 compressions
For you! This will be strife,
But remember why you're there
You're trying to save their life.

Continue 2 breaths, compressions
Thirty no more no less,
Hopefully, that will suffice
Until ambulance arrives and yes.

Being a first aider is daunting
But knowing what to do eases strife,
Nothing is far more rewarding
If you can save someone's life.


This is a type of seizure
Triggered by sharp rise,
In temperature often associated
With an infection should it arise.

Twitching of the muscles
Quite violent it could be,
Their eyes may appear fixed
Or roll upward this you'll see.

Back arched, clenched fists
May hold breath, face blue,
I can give you some advice
But the rest is up to you.

The reaction is to lift the baby
And cradle it in your arm,
But your body heat will raise
The baby's doing more harm.

Lay the baby down and strip
The outer clothing quick,
Start to waft the baby
Before the baby's sick.

Soon you'll see a difference
The twitching should now ease,
The eyes return to normal
So listen parents, please.

If you're worried call GP
To have your baby checked,
Or if it's out of surgery hours
Call NHS Direct.



Restlessness, headache, dizziness 
Flushed, hot skin no joke,
Raised body temperature guess what?
Someone has heatstroke.

When body is unable to cope
With prolonged exposure to heat,
Overexertion in hot weather
Or a fever you need wet sheet.

You have to lower body temperature
Unfortunately, you have to be cruel,
Remove their outer clothing
Lie casualty somewhere cool.

They'll tell you they are cold
You'll see them shivering too,
But you have to cool them down
It's the best thing you can do.

Ideally wrap in a cold wet sheet
Until temperature falls and then,
Replace wet sheet with a dry one 
If not possible again & again.

Sponge down with cool water
Allow damp skin to dry in the air,
Monitor the casualty carefully
Then arrange for hospital care.


Some heart attacks are sudden
Intense but some start slow,
With mild pain or discomfort
Most people don't even know.

Often the people affected
Don't know what's going on,
They just ignore the warning signs
Allowing it continue too long.

If in any doubt seek help
No one will say you're a pest,
Here are some of the warning signs
Discomfort in center of chest.

This can last a few minutes
A sign you're having an attack,
Can feel like uncomfortable pressure
It might go away and come back.

Squeezing, Fullness, or pain
Discomfort in other areas too,
Pain in one or both of arms
Stomach, back, neck, jaw, it's true.

Another one, shortness of breath
With or without chest pain,
Break out in a cold sweat or nausea
Light headiness affecting the brain.

Learn the signs but remember this
Indigestion that it might be,
If you're not sure! Seek help
Best to contact your GP.

If it's out of hours don't fret
A&E! Always online,
Minutes matter, fast action saves lives
Call now on 999. 


We're in control of our breathing
Well, that's not exactly true,
Granted we can hold our breath
But allow me to explain this to you.

When we're all fast asleep
Our breathing still goes on,
We're not in control of breathing
And our precious life hasn't gone.

We're still in the land of the living
We may be sleeping in bed,
The stimulus for us to breathe
Is all controlled in our head.

The respiratory centre in the brain
Is governed by C02,
The higher the level in the blood
Fast, deeper breathing we do.

Now people with chronic illnesses
Their C02 levels are high,
If the respiratory system was same
Exhausted they'd become and could die.

The brain must change calculation
Counting oxygen! Not C02,
When their oxygen levels start rising
This is what their brain will do.

For example, a patient on oxygen
Their oxygen levels will rise,
The brain now sends a message
To the lungs it's no surprise.

Sorry guys you're not needed
I've enough oxygen here for me,
So, you can slow down for a bit
And that's what the lungs do you see.

The C02 level increasing
The lungs are not blowing it away,
So, think when giving them oxygen
A little bit extra NO WAY!


I have flu I think I do
What else could it be?
Fever, stiff neck, nausea, headache
Bright light hurting me.

My friend too said "It's flu"
Signs & symptoms same,
But I took very poorly
Meningitis was to blame.

Learn the signs & symptoms
Take away the strife,
If you can tell the difference!
You just might save a life.


When dealing with multiple casualties
You must call 999,
Or get someone else to do it
But keep this thought in mind.

For you it will be a nightmare
Overwhelmed perhaps you may freeze,
But this is a good time to think
Remembering, these three B's.

Breathing, Bleeding, Bones
Place casualties in this order,
This will help with triage
Three B's! An absolute corker.

What is the point of bandaging
A wound profusely bleeding,
Only to find when bleeding stops
So of course, has breathing!

A bone sticking out of the skin
Looks horrible, can make you sick,
But if they're conscious! Self-help
Make comfortable and that's it.

Those who scream please help me!
It's hard I know it's ok,
You know that they're still alive
And help is on its way.

Remember Dr ABC
Look out for danger,
Checking each casualty for a response
To them, you are a stranger.

Tell them you're there to help
Give reassurance, that way!
You can get them to help you
And everyone's needed that day.

There will be panic all round
Trust me! You won't fail,
The following years all thanks to you
They'll have lived to tell the tale.


Providing safe to do so
No injuries you have found,
To help maintain the airway
Of the person on the ground.

If they've not responded
But breathing! it's no joke,
You have to turn them over
So that they don't choke.

If left the tongue might drop
And cut off air supply,
If you need to leave them
That person may well die.

Before you turn them over
Check pockets back of hand,
Pat gently along their pocket
And then you'll understand.

It's best to take things out
If bunch of keys are there,
Don't put hand in pocket
You don't know what is there.

Get hold of pocket lining
Pull in more and more,
Anything inside pocket
Should fall to the floor.

Anything sharp in pocket
When changing their position,
Could cause additional pain
But don't forget your mission.

Place the palm of your hand
You'll see not dead ringers,
Into palm of their hand
Now interlock your fingers.

You have full control now
Their hand won't drop away,
So moving on to the next part
You're doing great okay.

Maintaining airway is vital
And now with hand in place,
Put the back of their hand
To opposite side of their face.

Lean over get hold of leg
The furthest away from you,
Bend the knee and hold it
The next thing you must do.

Pull the knee towards you
That person will roll, so,
Place knee to a right angle
Tilt head back gently, oh!

One other thing when help
Arrives to ease your strife,
You can hold your head up high
For saving someone's life


For casualty who needs you
With bleeding so severe,
Main aim is to reduce or stop
More loss of blood so here.

Minimise effects of shock
But first I want you to,
Call 999 for an ambulance
Then what you must do.

If you've got disposable gloves
Wearing reduces risk,
Of infection being passed on
Quick as you can, be brisk.

Check nothing is embedded
In wound if yes! Take care,
Don't press down on object
And leave the object there.

Press firmly either side of it
Be careful! What you found,
Avoiding touching object
When bandaging all around.

If nothing is embedded
Apply & maintain pressure,
Using hand, a clean pad
Clean dressing at your pleasure.

Bandage the wound firmly
If wounds on limb it's needing,
Raised to decrease blood flow
Hopefully stopping bleeding.

If a limb's been severed
Like a finger as a rule,
Use cling film & cloth
And ice to keep it cool.

But never direct contact
With ice, NO NO NO,
Once the limb's protected
To hospital GO GO GO.

Always seek medical help
Unless it's minor, see,
A nose bleeding for 20 minutes
Get them to attend A&E.


In the case of a serious injury
Or illness, it's important to,
Watch for any signs of shock
I'll explain this more to you.

It is a life-threatening condition
Occurs when circulatory system,
Fails and, as a result, deprives
Vital organs of oxygen to them.

I'm talking now about severe
Blood loss, but can also happen,
After burns, vomiting, heart attack
Bacterial infection, allergic reaction.

Signs of shock to look out for
Pale, cold, clammy skin,
Sweating, rapid, shallow breathing
With knowledge, you can win.

Weakness, dizziness, feeling sick
Possibly vomiting, not fine,
Yawning, sighing feeling thirsty
You must call 999.

Treat any obvious injuries
Lay person down if no beds,
Only if injuries allow you to
Raise and support their legs.

Use a coat or blanket
To keep them warm and think,
Give lots of reassurance
But nothing to eat or drink.

Monitor the person carefully
If breathing stops! CPR,
2 Breaths to 30 compressions
Well done! You are a star.