Mental Health

Poems on Mental Health

Living Organs

"I am going to kill myself" 
A man said this no lie
obody's going to miss me
So it's better if I die.
My life's not worth living
Nothing's going right
Only I can stop this pain
If I die here tonight."

Many people tried this
Because life was insane
Some are now disabled
Yet many died in pain
You may want to die
But your body does not
When you cut yourself
Blood will start to clot.

You can swallow pills
Thinking that's the trick
But body wants to live
It will make you sick
Think about your body! 
Your body is a shell
Protecting many organs
That want to live as well.

When you go to sleep
Your organs have a goal
They want to stay alive
So now they're in control.
Think about your organs
You have quite a few
Many die that wants to live
Now we're back to you.

Life has many hurdles
And can cause us pain
But don't give up so easy
Think about this chain.
Chain is linked together 
Father, Husband, Son
Mother, Sister, Daughter
Each and every one.

Take away one link
Now chain will fall apart
The circle has been broken
This is just the start.
The chain's no longer strong
So much grief they cry
If you end your life!
Another link may die.

Invisible Illness

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
Lupus, Sarcoidosis
Hepatitis, Diabetes
Multiple Sclerosis.

Crohn's disease, Thyroid disease
Coeliac as well
Rheumatoid Arthritis
All causing people hell.

Allergies, Food intolerance Depression, IBS
Chronic Myofascial Pain
Invisible Illness? Yes

Clinical Depression
UC and PNH
All these I must mention.

Don't assume they're lazy
Or faking any pain
These invisible illnesses
Do drive folks insane.

Lyme Disease, Infertility
And Heart conditions too
Headaches and Migraines
Above are just a few.

So listen when they tell you
Exactly how they feel
You can't see invisible illnesses
t believe me!