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Illegal Contraband

If you are selling illegal tobacco
Here are some penalties in rhyme
Anything up to ten years in prison
Unlimited fines for your crime.

If you're buying illegal tobacco
Sniffer dogs trained it's true
When you are caught in possession
The outcome's not good for you.

This is to highlight awareness
To make sure your mind is sound
Ignorance when caught! Not an option
Please share this message around.

Here are some tell tale signs
Perhaps unfamiliar brand
Less than three fifty for twenty
Complaints about taste, Understand

Each year four times as many
Of deaths are result of this crime
Help someone to live longer
It could be your family next time.

Don't! Drink & Drive

Remember! If you're drinking!

Whether morning, noon or night,

Leave car and keys at home

Then you're not tempted right!

Stay safe

National Stalking Awareness Week

From the title shown above
Here are a few tips from me
Tell a friend! It's important!
To have confidence you see.

Confide in a friend you trust
A good friend won't judge you,
Silence to a stalker's not good
Most powerful weapon it's true.

Contact police anonymously
Tell them what you saw
Establish your rights if you think
Stalker has broken the law.

Take back control of your life
Close down stalkers' space
Give police as much information
Allowing them to build a case.

Don't underestimate a stalker
Victims have suffered! Oh yes
Even if warned off by the police
They'll feed off your kindness.

The police are there to help
Allow them to do this! I say
Take any advice they offer
To help keep the stalker away.

Save text messages on mobile
Keep emails & voicemails too
Hand everything over to the police
In order for them to help you.

You may think you're alone
Or this doesn't happen a lot
Join a stalking support group
You'll find it does & you're not.