Against Time

There are times you'll feel like screaming
There are times when you will cry,
Your questions never answered
Why loved ones have to die.

There's no more pain or sorrow
When their time comes to part,
For them a light to follow
But for you a broken heart.

There's no negotiation
No time to prepare,
There's no returning ticket
Once they do reach there.

There's no time like the present
If words must be spoken,
You'll never have another chance
Once your heart has broken.

Before God sends His Angels
Like He does do every day,
Use this time to make your peace
Before they pass away.

Look No Further

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now on your way child go."

I need someone to share my thoughts
To help me through each day,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child on your way."

I need someone to carry me
Whenever I go wrong,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child run along."

I need someone to help me
To make sure I get through,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"For I am here with you."