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Against Time

There's no more pain or sorrow
When their time comes to part,
For them a light to follow
But for you a broken heart.

There's no negotiation
No time to prepare,
There's no returning ticket
Once they do reach there.

There's no time like the present
If words must be spoken,
You'll never have another chance
Once your heart has broken.

Before God sends His Angels
Like He does do every day,
Use this time to make your peace
Before they pass away.


I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now on your way child, go."

I need someone to share my thoughts
To help me through each day,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child, on your way."

I need someone to carry me
Whenever I go wrong,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child run along."

I need someone to help me
To make sure I get through,
"Look no further," said the Lord
"For I am here with you."


To Pray to God is easy
Like a telephone call but free,
His line is always open
Try it out and see.

A twenty-four hour service
You know He's always there,
Tell Him all your worries
Let Him know you care.

Tell Him that you love Him
Thank Him for this day,
Tell Him He's terrific
Now here's a way to Pray.

Your Bible is your line to Him
Lift it up and look,
How can you communicate?
If your phone is off the hook.

He is a caring Father
Who hates to see you fall,
So do not wait till it's too late
Go now! And make your call.

His Key

The Pearly Gates to Heaven
Need unlocking with a key,
If the Lord is in your heart
His Angels you will see.

Without Him in your heart
When you meet your fate,
You will not have the key
That will unlock His gate.

Heaven is God's Paradise
Where all are free from Sin,
Without Him in your heart
Then you will not get in.

Tell Him that you love Him
Tell Him you are free,
Ask Him into your heart
Then you will have His key

Heaven Eternal Light & Peace

Help me Lord to understand
Help me Lord to see,
He me Lord to forgive those
Who in the past hurt me.

Help me change my selfish ways
Help me cleanse my mind,
Help me Lord I beg of you
I don't want left behind.

Help me Lord from this day forth
Help me Lord to be,
Help me Lord to talk to you
Sometimes it's hard for me.

Help me Lord to do things right
Help me Lord get through,
Help me Lord to make my peace
Then I can be with you.


I logged on to the internet
Through my ISP,
Hoping to reach the website
Of Him! The Boss! Big 'G'.

I found Him in the Bible
He's mentioned quite a lot,
Very popular worldwide
Though in Hell He's not.

I typed in
Pressed return and there!
A message from the Boss Himself
Asking me to say His Prayer.

Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come thy will be done
Click here to play my game.

So I clicked and I was taken
To a place that showed the Cross,
A question was beside it
Who do you think is Boss?

You only have one chance
If you want to see my light,
Let me into your heart, and
You'll see which answer's right. 


Life is what you make of it
It can be good or bad,
You are mostly in control
Be happy or be sad.

Heavenly Father in Heaven
Looks down on everyone,
Responsible for wind and rain
Also light and heat from sun.

Give him all your love
Make a brand new start,
Offer him what he desires
The love inside your heart.

Give the lord your glory
Get rid of all your strife,
Ask him into your heart
Only then you'll have a life.