This page is for Care Home Managers / Activity Organisers

Raising funds: The Bucket Lottery - Sell a raffle ticket for a set amount ie £1 or $1 put the money into the bucket. When it's time to draw the raffle some lucky winner gets 1/2 the bucket contents and you get the other half for your charity or fundraising event.    The beauty of this raffle is that you have no financial outlay other than a book of raffle tickets and an empty bucket.   Please check with your local Council in case you need a Lottery Licence.


A game consisting of 2 players 
Each player is given 10 random cards

Player 1 puts 1 card face down on the table
Player 2 has to guess Odd or Even
If Player 2 guesses correctly = 1 point
Player 2 guesses wrong the 1 point goes to Player 1

The first player to reach 10 points is the winner


2 Teams

Team 1 first player rolls the dice
if it lands on number 3 their question is worth 3 points

Set a target for the teams to reach for the winner