Poetry (Health Related)

William McKechnie


If you decide to take the risk
Then you are such a fool,
If you use your hands at work
Do not break the rule.

The rule is there for safety
Safety's there for you,
There for your protection
So! Don't ignore the few.

The few are tiny words
That have been typed on paper,
They're on there for a reason
Not there for a caper.

Your hands are not a pair of gloves
In water, they'll get wet,
In blood, they may contaminate
So! Please do not forget.

If you see the safety sign
To wear the gloves once more.
Remember the Health & Safety at Work Act
Nineteen Seventy Four.

 Qualified First Aiders

In the event of a burn or scald
Act quickly in order to win,
Treat area if cool running water
Minimising any damage to skin.

Minutes spent cooling this area
Now twenty it use to be ten,
Or until pain has reduced
Less scarring to tissue, now then.

Call nine nine nine for an ambulance
If needed before you begin,
Carefully remove clothing or jewelry
But not if attached to the skin.

If burn is on a hand or foot
You can use a clean plastic bag,
Or cover with strips of clingfilm
Just be careful avoiding the snag.

The snag! Don't wrap all around
It could easily swell up you see,
Thus restricting blood supply
We don't want a tourniquet.

If no plastic bag is available
Try using a sterile dressing,
Or even non fluffy material
You giving first aid is a blessing.

No creams, lotions or sprays
I stress these you must ban,
To assist in reducing the swelling
Please raise limb up if you can.


Seeing blood when urinating
Don't ignore it! Call GP,
Get it checked out! Soon as
Or regretful! You may be.

It could be caused by infection
Bladder or kidney stones too,
All of which may need treatment
Don't try diagnosing by you.

Make an appointment with GP
If symptoms have not gone away,
He or she will want to know
To make sure you're okay.

Early detection makes it easier
To treat thus causing less strife,
Kidney or bladder cancer found
Early could save your life.

Qualified First Aiders

For an adult who is choking
Don't panic and don't shout,
Stay calm! Give reassurance
Encourage coughing out.

If that is not effective
Still congestion in the neck,
Five blows between the shoulder blades
Between each blow, please check.

Next! Heimlich Maneuver
Was his technique to fame,
But did not like back blows
Associated with his name.

Now called abdominal thrust
What this is all about,
By forcing up the diaphragm
Might force the blockage out.

So stand behind the casualty
Place hands round waste to front,
Grasp fist! Pull in and upwards
Just enough to hear them grunt.

Check to see if clear
If not! Use thrust please do,
Up to a maximum of three times
Then go between the two.

Back blows, Heimlich Manovre
Keep checking if they're fine,
If after three attempts have failed
You must call nine nine nine.

Carry on regardless
You know you have to try,
Just waiting for the ambulance
That person may well die.

If they go unconscious
This I have to mention,
Prepare yourself for CPR
Breaths and chest compression.


Have you had a migraine?
So bad you've gone to bed,
Perhaps accused of skiving?
To get off work instead.

Well spare a thought for those
Please cut them some slack,
I'm talking about chronic pain
Which some have in their back.

There are so many causes
Some which are unknown,
But those who have to suffer it!
Don't want to hear you moan!

Just because you cannot see
Some swelling, bruise or scar,
Doesn't mean they're not in pain
Because obviously, they are!

Think about the pain they have
Now lend a helping hand,
See how grateful they will be!
You might then understand.

Chronic back pain is not good
With sleep! They struggle too,
Life spent taking medicine's
Imagine? That being you!

So just for once hear their plea
Think this through a lot,
If they say "My back is sore"
Change your way of thought.


Don't leave this to chance
I'll tell you what I mean,
Always wash your hands
Remember good hygiene.

Use Alcohol Decontaminate
If none? Then what you oughta,
Before you leave the toilet
Wash with soap and water.

Full sixty seconds needed
To clean them right I know,
Then you have to dry them
Now hygienically safe to go.