100 Square

Look at a box 100 square
1 to 100 numbers there

Numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Odd numbers on the top line

Let's have a look at what is done
First row down all ends in 1

n to next row down to you
What is end number? Number 2

It is the same each row each line
Till we finally reach number 9

Looking at this row do you agree?
The highest number is 9 you see

After 9 look down row
How 10 to 100 numbers flow

Look at corners having fun
These boxes all have number 1

From 10 to 50 ever wondered?
60, 70 and up to 100

10 to 100 numbers are fine
But wait! Remember! Number 9

It's higher than 1, higher than nought
Have you learned what you've been taught?