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Hey Bill

Feel free to email me over a copy of your Fluffy Snow song and I'll play it tomorrow morning on my show from 8am - 10am then make other presenters aware to play it on theirs.


Luke Barnard
Communications Officer
Hospital Radio Chelmsford  24/12/2014

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the mail, we may play your Fluffy Snow on our playlist @ Christmas,

it's quite catchy ;-)

Kind Regards,
DDM Radio Ireland Ltd
Email: studio@ddmradio
Website:  06/10/2014

Morning Bill

Yes your song is already to go live on our system for the festive season.


John Weller
Head Of Music
Nevis Radio
Ben Nevis Ind Estate
Fort William
PH33 6PR  06/10/2014

Hi Bill,

Thanks for sending us a copy of your Christmas song "Fluffy Snow".

I have listened to it and we will be playing it from time to time during December.

Best Wishes,

Allan Watkiss  22/09/2014

Hi Bill

The poems are great, I will happily add them to our list of forthcoming newsletters with the first aid audience of 22,000 plus.

Please let me know where people can order the books from and I will point them in that direction.

Kind regards,

Lucille Aspinall
Marketing Manager
AoFA Qualifications 14/02/2014

Hi Bill

Would you email me the mp3 for Fluffy Snow once you have re-recorded it and the following authority to play it on AHR before next Christmas season please 

Thank you and Happy New Year


Angel Heart Radio 04/01/2014

Morning Bill

Thanks for sending your Christmas song Fluffy Snow. It is certainly a catchy chorus! I will put it on our Christmas playlist later today for a bit of festive fun.

Well done & all the best

John Weller

Deveron FM  18/12/2013

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your email and for yet another fantastic poem!

We really like them, and you should definitely pursue your poetry. 

Best of luck!

Very kindest regards

Clare Robson
Information Assistant
BBC Children in Need T: Central Helpdesk 020 8576 7788
F: Local Fax 020 8576 8887 • Central Helpdesk Fax 020 8576 8887
A: WC4619 BBC Media Village • 201 Wood Lane • London • W12 7TS  21/09/2011

Hi there, 

Thank you for your fantastic poem! We have passed your poem idea on to the BBC production team.

Kind Regards,
Clare Robson
Information Assistant
BBC Children in Need T: Central Helpdesk 020 8576 7788 (x0267788)
F: Local Fax 020 8576 8887 • Central Helpdesk Fax 020 8576 8887
A: WC4619 BBC Media Village • 201 Wood Lane • London • W12 7TS 20/09/2011

Hi Bill,

The line chair dancing is exactly what we're after!! The position of the week has proved a huge hit, so we'll definitely do it again next week if that's ok?


Rachael Sutherland,
Broadcast Assistant, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire  11/01/2011

Actually Bill, I think you are such a wonderful guy, you don't need much help, and your enthusiasm is absolutely breathtaking, really is.

Continue doing what you are doing and as long as I am here there will always be a place in our magazine for you and in our hearts too.


Laurent Saletto
Linedancer Magazine 02/11/2010

Hi There Bill,

Its Sarah here from BBC Coventry & Warwickshire - I just wanted to make sure that you are fine with details for Monday? I was wondering whether there is anyway you might be able to join us a little earlier? If you could be here for 3:10pm ready to go on air at 3:20pm? This will just give you a bit more time with us on air.

Please let me know your thoughts - I need to hear from you by the close of day Thursday as I am in and out of the office there after.

Best regards

Broadcast Assistant - Mark Powlett Afternoon Programme
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, 5 - 8 Priory Place, Coventry
listen online - coventry / Warwickshire 21/10/2009

Hi Bill,

It was nice talking to you earlier - I will give you a call shortly regarding what time we want you to come in on Friday but just to give you a bit of background on the Breakfast Programme…It's a 2 hours all speech based programme presented by Tony Livesey (also doe the sports on NWT and various other bits on TV), we talk about allsorts, from simple human interest based stories, new stories and any other random things.

We thought you'd make an interesting guest on out programme hence the phone call. The interview would probably last for about 5-7 mins - possibly longer depending on how it all pans out of the day. The conversation will be pretty general, Tony will ask you about your background, and when it all started for you, how you thought of the idea of armchair line dancing and how it all works . 

Will you please bring in some line dancing music - because although it's radio and you can't see it it'll just sound good if you can teach Tony some line dancing - he'll be able to describe it well.

Look forward to meeting you on Friday

Kind Regards

Nishma Hindocha
Broadcast Journalist
BBC Radio Lancashire
T: 01254 841 004
E:  12/08/2009

Hi Bill,

Long time no speak - hope you are well. I know you have been communicating with Laurent our Editor recently and it was great to hear that you are again helping people to dance and enjoy moving to music despite any frailties or disabilities they may have.

I know you must be putting a lot of smiles on the faces of the people you spend time with. You will be aware that our campaign this year includes some dances adapted for wheelchair users - you paved the way for this some years ago and it would be great to have you involved again. 

I realise that what you do now is a little different but the principles are the same and I wondered if you had scripted any of your routines. 

If you have I would be interested to see them and assess if we could print some in our Adapted Dance slot. Let me know what you think:-) Steve Healy

Linedancer Magazine  13/02/2009

Hi Bill,

I have been asked to do a piece on you this week for the Kenilworth Weekly News.
Do you have any information you can send to me?

Many thanks
Lucia Clifford
District Editor
Kenilworth Weekly News 09/09/2008