Life-Saving Skills
in Rhyme

Choking Adult

For an adult who is choking
Don't panic and don't shout,
Stay calm and reassure them
Encourage coughing out.

If that is not effective
Still congestion in the neck,
Give five blows between shoulder blades
Between each blow please check.

Next is the Heimlich Manouvre
Was his technique to fame,
But did not like back blows
Associated with his name.

Now called abdominal thrust
What this is all about,
By forcing up the diaphragm
It might force the blockage out.

So stand behind the casualty
Place hands round waist to front,
Grasp fist pull in and upwards
Just enough to hear them grunt.

Give up to five abdominal thrust
If still blocked and not fine,
This person needs medical assistance
So please call nine nine nine.

Unless you're from the USA
Now how it is done,
instead of calling nine nine nine
You call nine one-one.

Now if you use abdominal thrust
This is important you see,
There's a slight possibility of rupture
Please insist they attend A&E.

Burns & Scalds

In the event of a burn or scald
A few things you should know,
First, remove from the heat source
Then follow the few tips below.

Carefully remove clothing or jewellery
Near to burnt areas to win,
Including babies' nappies
But not if attached to the skin.

Use cool or lukewarm running water
Up to thirty minutes or so,
Or until pain has relieved
Continue doing this although.

Do not use ice or iced water
Stay calm don't get in a flutter,
And don't use any creams or
Greasy substances like butter.

Use a blanket to keep them warm
Take care, don't rub against burn,
After cooling please cover the area
With plastic wrap (cling film).

When burn is on a hand or foot
You can use a clean plastic bag,
But if using plastic wrap (cling film)
Be careful and avoid the snag.

The snag! Don't wrap all around
It could easily swell up you see,
Thus, restricting the blood supply
We don't want a tourniquet.

Call nine nine nine for an ambulance
Then to finish off your plan,
To assist in reducing the swelling
Raise the limb if you can.

Or if it happens in the USA
Please call nine one one,
Ask for emergency services
And once they arrive! You're done.

 Depending how serious the burn is

May be possible to treat at home,

For minor burns, keep the burn clean

DO NOT burst blisters that form.


Swallowing food, saliva, or water
You will also swallow some air,
This collects in the digestive system
You will also swallow some air,

Gases can also build up within
After digesting food it may start,
Your body will try to get rid of gas
Through burping or having a fart.

Sometimes you won't even notice
Some farts are odour less,
But some farts are really smelly
If sulphur is present, oh yes.

Flatulence is a normal process
It's something we do, it's okay,
Some will do just the odd fart
Whereas others will fart all day.

Eating food that's hard to digest
Or swallowing too much air,
Could be causing your excess wind
But it's vital that you take care.

It could be an underlying problem
With your health so please address,
It could simply be indigestion
Or you can have IBS.

That's Irritable Bowel Syndrome
For those who do not know,
But there are no medical guidelines
To define how much wind and so.

You're the best person to know
Own symptoms happening to you,
Examples are farting too much
Or incontinent and following through.

Persistent bloating or abdominal pain
Diarrhea or constipation,
Unexplained weight loss, blood in stools
May require some investigation.

But some farting can be a pain
Embarrassing that it might be,
If you think you have a problem
Make appointment soon as with GP.

Safety Gloves

If you decide to take the risk
Then you are such a fool,
When you use your hands for work
Do not break the rule.

The rule is there for safety
Safety is there for you,
There for your protection
So don't ignore the few.

The few are printed words
That have been put to paper,
They're on there for a reason
Not there for a caper.

Your hands are not a pair of gloves
In water they'll get wet,
In blood they may contaminate
So please do not forget

If you see the safety sign
To wear the gloves once more,
Remember the Health

 & Safety at Work Act
Nineteen seventy-four.

Breast Cancer

Checking your breasts regularly
Upper chest and armpits too,
Is crucial for early diagnosis
Know what is normal to you.

Lumps, thickening of breast tissue
One breast becomes larger or lower,
Make sure you attend breast screening
If you are fifty or over.

Everyone's breasts are different
Different times of month and age,
Look out for changes unusual to you
If worried, GP please engage.

Puckering or dimpling of skin
Continuous pain causing strife,
Reporting changes without delay
Can make a difference to your life.

Have your nipples inverted (turned in)?
Have they changed shape or position?
Developing a rash, crusting, or discharge
If any of these, it's your mission.

Make an appointment with your GP
Remember this is your body,
Early diagnosis can make a difference
Better to be safe than sorry.